The “Cure” for Down Syndrome?

Written by Krista Flint & Andrew Brown
Thursday, 14 January 2010
Lisa Belkin, a mother of a child with Down syndrome and a blogger for the New York Times, has written a thought provoking article about both the ethicality and practicality of a theoretical cure for Down syndrome.

The "cure" to which Belkn refers is an emerging treatment that could aid the cognitive functions of younger children with Down syndrome in their early developmental stages.

While the notion of a cure (or more accurately the theoretical ability to “mitigate” Down syndrome) causes a great deal of speculation, what is more concerning for self-advocates is what this obscene race to eliminate Down syndrome says about the value of our fellow citizens who already have it.

We encourage you to stay informed and read the article as it provides an informative look at the philosophical concerns related to this issue.

Michael Berube, who  provided the key note address at CDSS’s National Conference last year,  takes a hard look at exactly where the rabbit hole of the curative and therapeutic paradigm ultimately leads us.

What if the community at large did not assume people with Down syndrome were broken?  Would we be in such an all fired hurry to find a fix?

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